Balcony Restoration

Balcony Restoration and Repair Sydney

With a few years or wear and tear and harsh weather, quite a few of Sydney’s front balconies have become damaged and quite unsafe. We will assist you if you’re in this type scenario because just like you, we also value your safety.

Many options and styles are available for your balcony floors, stairs, ceilings and handrails. All fixings and housings are designed to be rot resistant and corrosion proof.

A popular choice is to exchange old corroded posts with architectural hardwood posts. Asbestos removal by specialists could also be required for the ceilings. This is a special task that requires professional handling.

When we inspected the timber work for this property, what became apparent was the entire balcony beam was severely rotten and in real danger of collapsing. After discussions with our client, we agreed that a full balcony restoration was the simplest approach.

We began by removing the first forged iron frieze / lacework and balustrade and demolishing the prevailing timberwork. We then stripped the frieze and balustrade back to the first metal and made the specified repairs. To ensure long lasting paintwork we use only Australian-made primers and paints.

Why Choose Us

Because we tackle projects like Balcony Renovations with Safety in Mind. Most Balconies only need cosmetic renovations like Handrails and Decking to be replaced so do not be under the suspicion that it will cost you a fortune.



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