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Balcony Restoration and Repairs Sydney

Balcony Repairs and Restoration  Sydney (Balconies include rotted timbers, damaged boards, metal panels, etc).

A balcony is a platform projecting out from a wall, typically to allow someone on an upper storey to be external to the building without having to go downstairs. Balconies may or may not be covered, so will get varying types of weather exposure. Partially or fully exposed balconies should have a hard wearing and durable floor surface such as concrete, tiles or timber decking that won’t have any concerns with sun, rain and wind damage.

Permanently covered balconies will not see as much of the elements, and softer flooring such as wood floorboards or even carpet can be used. Balconies can be supported from underneath in a number of ways depending on the wall construction. Small balconies may merely be an extension of the floor beams or slab and have the same support structure. Larger balconies may need to be propped up with columns or posts. Steel framing is a popular option for balconies because of its strength.

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